espresso database


The ACTION DATABASE provides the opportunity to formalise discussions during workshops and to store their content in a synthetic format. Once this information is classified using different criteria, including some meta-data like the date of the entry, it will enable to know about the impacts of each action and their evolution in time.

The ACTION DATABASE is in English, German, French, and Italian.

The database relies on a short questionnaire enabling you as a stakeholder to describe any project, program or initiative dealing with the topics of ESPREssO, regardless if the action is big or small, local or international, or even if it was considering a particular effort or the action as a whole. An action can vary in nature, can refer to a research project, the implementation of a new legislative framework, an improved coordination strategy for first aid response, a risk education initiative…

The criteria described in the questionnaire are used to characterize the efficiency of an action in several fields, and allow quick searching and filtering. Once this information is classified, the ESPREssO-ADB proposes a compilation of good ideas and effective practices which can be transposed to other scales or background, in order to help scientists and decision-makers develop efficient strategies.

The ESPREssO-ADB will be continuously improved aiming at becoming more and more performing with an increasing number of entries and users feedbacks. This will help to support decision makers, practitioners and scientist to learn from past actions and to constantly improve approaches dealing with Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction. Support us in creating a database of actions to help you in dealing with Climate Change Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction!